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Read all about Delta Doo Dah 8 in the October issue of Latitude 38. (9/30/16)

Delta Doo Dah Doin's (8/17/16)
Delta Doo Dah This Weekend (8/8/16)

We've created a photo gallery for Delta Doo Dah 8. We'll email the fleet members a link so that they can upload their pictures to it. (8/3/16)

The Doo Dah and the Ding-a-Ling Club (6/15/16)
Delta Ditch Run Lite (6/6/16)

We've uploaded a couple of helpful PDFs: Sample Itineraries and Useful Phone Numbers. (5/23/16)

Kicking Off Delta Doo Dah 8 (5/18/16)

We've added 2015's Delta Doo Dah feature to our articles section.

Prices have been reduced on Delta Doo Dah 7 duds — long sleeve shirts for men and women, T-shirts for the guys, and sleeveless tops for the gals — and Delta Doo Dah 7 burgees. See our logowear page here.

Read all about Delta Doo Dah 7 in the October issue of Latitude 38. (10/2/15)

Hot Times in the Delta Doo Dah (8/21/15)
Catching up with the Delta Doo Dah (8/7/15)
Resolute in the Delta Doo Dah (7/13/15)
Celebrations on Summer Sailstice (6/22/15)
Kicking Off Delta Doo Dah 7 (5/15/15)

Pirate's Lair has just shipped our burgees, and a limited quantity of of 2015 Doo Dah Duds. (5/13/15)

We've added a PDF of the 2014 Delta Doo Dah feature to our stories section. (11/24/14)

The Delta Doo Dah is featured in the October issue of Latitude 38! (10/1/14)

New Definition of "Fish On" (8/4/14)
Delta Doo Dah Sailstice Fete
Delta Doo Dah Gets the Blues (6/16/14)
The Delta Doo Dah Starts This Weekend! (5/23/14)
Delta Doo Dah Kickoff Party (5/7/14)

We've posted a story about the 2013 Delta Doo Dah on our website. (3/11/14)

Don't Delay Delta Doin's (3/10/14)
In Defense of the Delta

It's official: Delta Doo Dah is now on Facebook. Check it out and be sure to "Like" us! The forum has been discontinued (*sob*).

Due to hacking, which is compromising our web server, we will be discontinuing our online forum and replacing it with a Facebook page. We're sorry it's come to this, as the forum has been immensely popular and helpful. Rather than simply discard the wealth of information it contains, we've archived it in pages on this website.

We produced a slideshow of Delta Doo Dah 2013 for our Reunion Party on October 10. In case you missed it, you can view the big screen version here. For a quicker loading, small screen version, click here.

Delta Doo Dah is encouraging donations to the Sacramento Delta Youth Maritime Association. Supporting youth training and education with a tax-deductible contribution can make all of the difference to these young men and women! Donate here.

Martinez Marina Dredged (1/16/13)
Stop the Delta Gates (1/14/13)

If you're new to the Delta (and even if you aren't), be sure to read our Delta Primer. It can be downloaded as a PDF.

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